My research focuses on the interplay between learning, information and technology. Consequently, my work has focused on the way people engage with information and/or technology to learn as students, as professionals and as people in their everyday life. A full list of the 16 proejcts I have undertaken since 2002 is available here.

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Socially Resilient: Social media in times of natural disasters. 2011-2012
auDA Foundation,
This research explores the way people use information to learn, via social media, during a natural disaster. The project will help reduce Australia’s vulnerability to natural hazards by offering new insight on the role of the Internet, especially social media, in supporting learning in community and fostering community resilience. Dr Rebecca Eynon, University of Oxford is the External Evaluator for the project.  Project website:

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Best practice report: blended learning Information practices in a 2.0 world. 2011
Austalian Learning and Teaching Council
I was commissioned by the ALTC to draft a best practice report on blended learning that will guide teaching and learning practice within higher education nationally. Final report available:

Understanding health information literacy in Australia’s ageing population: a qualitative study. 2010-2012
Australian Research Council
The project explores how ageing Australians use information to learn about their health (e.g. health information literacy). It will establish a national Health Information Literacy Framework to be used by health and information agencies in designing and developing resources and services. The research is being undertaken as a partnership between QUT and the Queensland Government’s Health Contact Centre. The project team includes Professor Christine Bruce, Adjunct Professor Sylvia Edwards and Ms Helen Cooper. Project website available:

The Researcher Librarian Partnership: a Research Mentoring Program for New Professionals 2010-2011
International Federtaion for Library and Information Association
I am leading an international project that seeks to support the development of research skills in the LIS profession, with a particular focus on new professionals around the world. The specific objectives will be to (i) establish a formal international research mentoring program; (ii) develop strategies and recommendations for developing the program in a sustainable way. The project team includes Terry Weech, Michael Seadle and Lynn Connway

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Faculty of Science and Technology Teaching and Learning Grant.
The primary objective of this project is to establish a ‘whole of degree’ blended learning approach. It will provide strategies and recommendations for offering not just an individual subject but also an entire degree in a blended mode of study. They will be developed to respond to the unique context of the Faculty of Science and Technology specifically and QUT generally. I mentored Kate Davis (an Associate Lecturer) in the conduct of this project.

Re-conceptualising and re-positioning Australian library and information science education for the twenty-first century 2009-2010.
Australian Learning and Teaching Council
I lead a national project that developed a ‘Framework for the Education of the Information Professions in Australia’. The Framework will provide guidance on how best to reposition and reshape Australian LIS education to ensure it remains dynamic, responsive and sustainable to the evolving information age in order to meet the ever-changing marketplace demands of the 21st century. The project involved 12 academics from 11 institutions, 1 project manager and 9 research assistants working collaboratively across 6 states of Australia. The project was the first time Australia’s information educators worked collaboratively together. The project website can be found at The final report is available here.

Library and information science education 2.0: guiding principles and models of best practice 2008-2009
Australian Learning and Teaching Council, Associate Fellowship (1 of 8 granted nationally in 2008)
The skills and knowledge required by library and information science (LIS) professionals are changing as a result of the web 2.0 phenomenon. The project aims to identify the skills and knowledge required by the ‘LIS professional 2.0′, and to develop a set of guiding principles and models of best practice that may serve to inform educational practice in the Australian LIS profession and beyond.  The project blog can be found at The final report is available here.

Retrofitting University learning spaces: From Teaching Spaces to Learning Spaces 2008-2009
Australian Learning and Teaching Council
The national project lead by QUT’s Dr Geoffrey Mitchell explored learning spaces and places.  The project’s primary objective was to develop scalable and transferable solutions to the question: “how do we redevelop original university classroom spaces to support new ways to enable and facilitate student learning in a cost effective manner?” I was the co-leader of the sub-study exploring the student voice. The project used cultural probes and participatory techniques to explore how students perceive and experience learning spaces and places.

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